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This is a non-judgmental space for SJSU's MSW students' voices to be heard. Feedback, suggestions, concerns and issues are all welcome to be discussed!

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Purpose: I believe that graduate students in the San Jose State MSW program need and deserve a space to discuss our academic system, our internship placements, and social justice issues on a micro and macro scale. This is a space for students to pose questions and get feedback from their classmates, a space for articles of interest to be posted and read, a space for community events to be advertised, etc. etc. The possibilities are endless and depend on the wants and needs of our MSW community!

Guidelines: Here are some general guidelines for this online forum. They were created in the spirit of creating a non-judgmental and constructive online space.
1. This forum is about ideas, not people. Please do not use this forum to discuss faculty, staff, students, or clients. No names or identifiers of any kind.
2. Do not include personal information, even if it is your own. Use private messaging to exchange information, if desired.
3. That being said, allow anonymity. Usernames allow users to have their voices heard without their identities being disclosed. This will hopefully encourage some people to speak up on occurrences and issues that they might be uncomfortable voicing in person.
4. Do not post explicit material or use profanity. I’m sure this goes without saying, but this site is a reflection of our community as MSW graduate students, so make sure posts are professional and courteous.
5. The moderators have the right to delete or edit any posts that do not follow the guidelines. The guidelines are subject to change depending on the concerns/needs of our community.

Note: Please feel free to respond to this post with other suggestions for what should be added to the guidelines. Again, this is a basic template.

Next Steps: Be as engaged as you want to be, but keep in mind that the effectiveness of this forum is based on the participation of our class. So please create an account, check back in regularly, and respond to or create posts.

*Disclaimer: This forum was created by a second-year MSW student with little to no expertise in web design/online forums/technology in general. So if you are a current MSW student at San Jose State and have some interest in assisting me, I would be grateful, and please reach out via private message. Until then, please bear with me! I created this forum because I thought it would be a useful tool for us, but getting it running will take some time and learning on my part.

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